With the help of our payroll outsourcing services, businesses will be able to have effective payroll management. Our experts have an in-depth understanding about managing human resource and strategies – balancing the firm’s workflow. When the employee’s results will be honest – a company will experience positive return on investments.
There are many challenges for ensuring the salary component is well-defined. To have an effective, seamless and continuous payroll system, Apex Pro Advisors will be your best solution provider. We have a team of experts who have thorough understanding about the payroll policies and regulations ensuring that employees are paid in accordance to the employee laws.

Payroll services offered by Apex Pro Advisors

By assigning us your payroll responsibilities, you will be able to focus on your core business functions. Some of Payroll services offered by our company are:

Record maintenance of employees

Employee ID, Personal details, Education, Qualification, Increments, Benefits and etc.

Transaction details of employees

Employees attendance, statutory deductions, payroll taxes, benefits and etc.

Payroll calculation of each employee

Gross Pay, Net Pay, Social Security deductions, employment tax and other statutory deductions in accordance to the law.

Salary and Pay slips

Transfer of net salary to the bank account or preparation of pay slip with detail breakdown of deductions as specified by the law.

Submission of data to authorities

Submitting employee related data to relevant authorities such as social security authorities, revenue authorities and others in accordance with the law before the deadlines as mentioned by the authorities.

Transaction assistance

VCFO will use the knowledge on all vital transactions and will supplement your present finance department so that you can perform various tasks smoothly

UK Payroll System

Liaison with HMRC

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) system is the most important body regarding payroll. If you give us the authority to deal with the authorities, we will handle all the queries which they might have about your payroll. Our experts will make sure that queries are handled professionally and swiftly.

P45 for leavers

One of the aspects of payroll system is dealing with people who leave the employment. Our personnel will provide P45 for the leavers on your behalf.

Dealing with year-end reports and P60

P60 of each employee will be provided in accordance to the HMRC requirements.

Payments and Deductions

Employers follow PAYE system i.e. they deduct tax and National Insurance contribution from the employees’ wages or occupational pensions before paying them. Apex Pro Advisors will compute payrolls with accuracy to avoid any conflict.

Annual Reports

Annual report will be submitted to HMRC with details about expenses and benefits to give clear picture bout the taxes of the fiscal year.

USA Payroll System

Accessibility to critical reports

Our experts will create a system which can automatically create cash requirements, tax deposit notices and job costing. You will be able to view W2 and leverage real-time features.

Wages & Hours

Wages and overtime pay are computed in accordance with the rules prescribed by The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

401 (K) and Retirement services

Apex Pro Advisors has a team of professionals who have clear understanding about administering retirement plans for your employees and business. We will take care from enrollment to plan maintenance – streamlining your company’s retirement plan.


All domains of US taxation will be taken into account to avoid any discrepancy i.e. Medicare Tax, Social Security Tax, Federal and State Unemployment Tax and Local Tax.

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Benefits of Apex Pro Advisors Payroll Services

  • Ensuring compliance with the tax and regulatory policies and procedures
  • Calculating employees’ salary according to the compensation system
  • Communicating with employees about the salary and keeping the organization payroll system transparent
  • Processing online payroll systems efficiently
  • Effectively managing of the payroll systems

Get your payroll services handled by our experts and you can focus on your key business operations. Contact us now!!