External and Statutory Audit

Since it is crucial for a company to keep its financial health well maintained and comply with mandatory regulations, the audit service has to be performed properly. Since having an in-house external and statutory audit is challenging and time-consuming, it is a good idea to outsource it to third-party service provider. Apex Pro Advisors has the expertise of offering the best audit service around the world at reasonable prices.
Our external audit service goes beyond ensuring that your company is compliant with the Companies Act and other regulatory requirements. We will provide you with complete details about your business functions along with improvement areas to help you grow and prosper.

External and Statutory Audit services offered by Apex Pro Advisors

Our experts will assist you in keeping track of your compliance requirements. Some of the services which can be availed by our clients are:

Agreement on audit scope

Agreeing on the audit scope in advance so that our expert will pay attention to the statutory and external audit aspects i.e. important business processes.

Provide a clear Audit Plan

Developing an audit plan so that you have an understanding of what and when we need from you.

Provide transparent and fair view

Give a true picture of your financial positon highlighting the health of your business processes and also give recommendations for improvement.

Minimize disruptions

Our experts will provide you answers to all your queries whenever they arise.

Other Services

Some other auditing services offered are:

  • Project assurance
  • Company structure audit
  • Gap identification and analysis
  • Corporate governance audit
  • Monitoring of expected regulatory changes
  • Preparation of process and other related documents
  • Advice on internal control weaknesses

Benefits of Apex Pro Advisors External and Statutory Audit Services

  • Helping you in mitigating your risks
  • Maintaining good financial health of your company
  • Suggesting areas for improvement for business growth
  • Navigating the ever changing regulatory landscape and incorporating the new requirements in business framework
  • Bringing precision to your audit

Get in touch with us now and get stress free about your auditing services.