Forensic Audit

In a set of accounts, the numbers can be hiding a range of fraudulent activity from a normal or even experienced eye. The job of a forensic auditor is to look beyond the numbers to dig deep into the business practices which might be hiding behind them which can reveal some fraud
When your company is facing a financial situation which might have regulatory or legal consequences – it can be a suspected fraud, accounting misstatement, financial crime or an expected breach of regulations – it is important that an investigation is independent along with a proper scope and is conducted by experts.
Apex Pro Advisors has a team of experts who can perform forensic audit professionally to provide feasible solutions for your company. Our technology-enabled forensic auditors have all the accounting knowledge and expertise in investigation combined with a sharp analytical mindset to conduct forensic audit with excellence.

Forensic Audit services offered by Apex Pro Advisors

The professionals working with our company can perform the following services for your organization:

Contract breach

Ascertaining economic damages faced by an organization for breach of a contract.

Mergers & acquisitions analysis

Analyzing the possibilities of unexpected warranties or something going wrong.

Cases handling

Typical bankruptcy and fraudulent cases handling.

Valuation of a company

Assisting a company in valuation especially when for an acquisition or public floating.

Other Services

Some of the other services which can be availed by our clients are:

  • Computer forensics to uncover possible fraud in terms of hidden or lost information or data.
  • Handling the claims of professional negligence.
  • Securities or other embezzlement fraud handling.
  • Documentation of evidence in an organized manner.

Benefits of Apex Pro Advisors Forensic Audit Services

  • Innovative digital technology and tools are used for identification, collection and analysis of huge amount of electronic and hardcopy data.
  • Helping you in recovering your losses and strengthening your processes and controls.
  • Assistance in identification of the underlying issue and transforming the organization in becoming a resilient one.

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