Internal Audit

Internal auditing is crucial part of any organization. It is an objective and consulting activity designed for adding value and improving a company’s operations – bringing a systematic and disciplined approach for evaluation and improving the effectiveness of control, governance and risk management processes.
Apex Pro Advisors has professionals who will work with you to develop an understanding about your business strategy and ensuring that operational business plan and process framework align with the strategy. Our experts will make sure that the internal processes are effective and adequate control is maintained on them.

Internal Audit services offered by Apex Pro Advisors

Some of the services which can be availed by our clients are:

Enhancing the control environment

Giving advice to the management to develop effective internal controls.

Assisting the business

Assisting the business with change management and business awareness processes by assisting it in making transition from present practices to improvised and focused approached with the help of training.

Management of operational risks

Advising the company on management of core operational risks especially the ones which are related to the business operations’ reliability.

Evaluation of key structures

Key organization’s structures, processes and dynamics are evaluated to underpin the effective corporate governance.

Course of action

Providing recommendations on implementing an effective and secured internal control environment.

Business goals

Assisting the company in linking operational strategies and risk performance measures to the business goals.

Benefits of Apex Pro Advisors Internal Audit Services

  • Benefits of Apex Pro Advisors Internal Audit Services
  • Mitigating the risk of internal discrepancies
  • Developing a cost-effective and workable strategy
  • Linking strategy with realistic business goals
  • Maintaining secured internal control environment

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