Review Engagement

Review engagement is a process in which a qualified accountant reviews the company’s accounts and investigate any areas of concern. By inquiries of management along with complex analytical review techniques, an accountant can perform assessment of the financial statements at a high level.
Apex Pro Advisors has a team of experts who are skilled, competent and experienced in performing review engagement service with excellence. Our accountant will analyze the changes from one year to another and will include sample testing and additional procedures to address the identified concerns.
Our professional takes account of anything seen during the review which suggests a problem in the financial statements that needs further investigation. The person will present a conclusion in the form of a report so that anyone who reads the report can see that an independent review of the financial statements has been performed.
The accountant has to make enquiries of management and others and to conduct analytical procedures to gain a degree of assurance about:
  • The financial statements comply with the selected financial reporting framework to give a true and fair view
  • The management is aware of the responsibilities for producing the account

Review Engagement services offered by Apex Pro Advisors

Apex Pro Advisors team of experts will undertake following activities:

Review all the material items which are present in the financial statements

Prepare written representations

Forming a conclusion in the reports

Reporting and documentation of financial or managerial concerns

Acceptance and continuation of review engagement

Consider and make enquiries of management bout the factors which can lead to increased risk which the financial statements may contain like material misstatements or can be non-compliant such as:

  • The fraud incidence
  • Nature of the client’s business along with organizational structures
  • Undisclosed party related transactions
  • Going concern problems
  • Non-compliance with the laws and regulations
  • Suitability of the accounting policies
  • Post balance sheet events
  • Estimates of the accounting
  • Complex, significant or unusual events or transactions

Benefits of Apex Pro Advisors Review Engagement Services

  • Identifying the possible areas of concern in the financial statements
  • Presenting true facts to the management so that they can address the concerns and take right course of action
  • Such engagements will generate more value for the business

Contact us now for the review engagement of your company so that you can get true picture of your financial statements.