Investment Analysis

Apex Pro Advisors provides comprehensive, high quality and customized financial and investment research services to its clients to assist them in negotiating financial markets, augmenting their portfolios and guide them in making strategic business decisions effectively. Our professionals are talented, competent and energetic financial analysts who provide in-depth insights to help our clients in making right investment decisions.
Our team of experts make sure that right picture is given to the clients so that they can make appropriate investment decisions which will give good returns in long term. We believe in collaborating AI and human intelligence for analyzing thousands of data sets and portfolio growth patterns. Our experts try their level best to provide 95% accurate forecasts so that your investments are multiplied in long- and short-term markets.

Investment Analysis services offered by Apex Pro Advisors

Since it is crucial that investment is done in worthwhile options, our experts present the best investment opportunities to our clients so that they get good value for their investments. Some of the services offered by our company are:

Equity research

As investment analysis is a challenging task, our experts use their financial skills and knowledge in providing insights about 10- year performance data of the companies. With the detailed reports, you can make rightful investment decision. Our professional will recommend you to hold on to those equity portfolios which have high growth potential.

Business valuation

Since we believe in providing true business valuation, we use Discounted Cash Flow methods for it. With the help of this technique, we can give a forecasted chart of the earning to the buyer and also the earnings are discounted from the present risk-free rate. We then present our clients with the estimates and probable risk in purchasing the business.

Fixed income and credit research

Our professional will provide end-to-end support across the fixed income cycles – identifying the potential investment opportunities and evaluation of prospective investments. Some other data such as distressed debt, investment grade and high yield are also provided. Indenture screening, scenario analysis, covenant headroom monitoring, cash flow models and stress testing reports are given for indepth understanding of the investment opportunity.

Summary of capital markets

An in-depth capital market summary is developed to give an overview of primary and secondary markets dealing with existing or new securities and stocks.

Research on financial background –

Along with our investment analysis services, we provide economic condition of the industry coupled with the competitor analysis. Our experts perform in-depth assessment of the financial statements of the companies to identify the profit level and potential risks. A forecast is developed on the basis of financial statements analysis.

Some other services which can be availed by our clients are Buy and Sell Research, Credit Reporting, Investment Banking, Private Equity and Venture Capital and others.

Benefits of Apex Pro Advisors Investment Analysis services

  • Knowledgeable team of experts with competent financial background and understanding of the capital market
  • Continued support across the life of the investment analysis process
  • Flexible engagement models while leveraging automation to enhance efficiency and costeffectiveness
  • On-time delivery so that investment decisions are made on time

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