Sales Tax and Value Added Taxation

Whether you need suggestion on specific VAT issue or help with your VAT returns, Apex Pro Advisors will give you a reliable and practical advice. VAT does not stand alone and it interacts with other business systems and taxes. It is important that the accounting systems provide accurate information to prepare appropriate VAT returns and there are VAT records to be kept.
Apex Pro Advisors has a team of experts who will put the focus on the VAT records in the upcoming years. Also, the businesses need to prepare themselves for the change and VAT decisions have to be made after knowing the whole story.

Sales Tax and Value Added Taxation services offered by Apex Pro Advisors

Our accountants have years of experience and in-depth knowledge about sales tax and VAT which will surely assist your company in dealing with VAT issues from simple ones to complex. Some of the services which can be availed by our clients are:

VAT Advice

For those one-off or difficult scenarios such as international trade, option to tax, property development and others

Dealings with VAT inspections

Assisting with VAT inspections and audits

DIY Housebuilder claims

You need to deal with it when you are building your own home

VAT Compliance

Comprises of dealing with preparation of VAT returns and VAT registration and deregistration

VAT Exemption

Design and maintenance of partial exemption methods

VAT Structuring

Giving advice on the VAT treatment of complex transactions, business structures and contracts including the impact of anti-avoidance legislation

Apex Pro Advisors offers specialized services for VAT advice in following areas:

  • Construction projects
  • Capital expenditure
  • Land and property transactions
  • Pension schemes
  • VAT assessments and penalties
  • VAT liability
  • Education
  • Charity and not for profit organization
  • VAT Fraud Investigation

If you want to get the best and most accurate VAT services, then get in touch with us now.